Moving abroad

Every relocation requires attention, expertise and of course a good preparation. Especially when it concerns a relocation to another country.
Moving abroad is usually not an easy step you just take. When you’re about to move abroad, there is much to arrange and take care of, which often brings lots of stress as well.
A moving company will assist you from preparation to the final stage. Van der Velde Verhuizingen will reduce your removal from a possible stressful experience to a comfortable journey from your current home to your new place abroad.
Because of our long experience executing international removals and our membership of the international removal branch organisations, your moving request will be in safe hands with Van der Velde Verhuizingen.

Moving abroad could be divided in 2 different sorts of international relocations;
– moving within the European Union
– moving outside the European Union and / or to another continent
In general, the level of difficulty depends on your destination. Because of the current laws within the European Union it’s rather easy to move within the member states. There is for example no delay at borders and there is no need for special document to show at customs.

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Moving within the European Union

Verhuizen binnen Europa

Especially while moving within the European Union does not give much more challenges then moving within the same country, people consider arranging and executing the removal themselves.
However, while moving abroad is a major event, it could be wise to hire an international moving company anyway. In general moving is already a stressful event. When you are moving abroad, you will experience definitely more stress and worries.
Van der Velde Verhuizingen is a professional international moving company. Our international movers are ready to help and relieve you during your relocation within the European Union.
These European removals by road are executed by our own international movers and vans which are suitable for international removals and / or transport.

Moving outside the European Union and / or to another country

When you are moving to another continent you need a company to execute the transport of your belongings. Mostly there are used shipping containers for this kind of removals.
Often people use a specialized company to execute the transport; an international moving company. These companies have all knowledge and expertise which is needed to execute these international removals. The movers are trained to pack belongings for transport in shipping containers. Our movers are highly experienced and will pack your belongings with maximum care and expertise. Depending on the country you are moving to, there are laws to consider and document for customs which need to be arranged. Because of our worldwide cooperation with local moving companies, we can use local expertise.
Van der Velde Verhuizingen will be able to execute your removal smoothly. Your belongings will arrive safely at the final destination – wherever that will be.

Verhuizen buiten Europa

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Price quotation of an international removals

The rates for international removal are depending on a lot of factors. Personal preferences and requirements for a specific country can be very different.
Our experienced consultants will be happy to visit you without any obligation to analyse your moving request and offer a detailed price quotation based on your needs. They will be able to inform and advise you about the many possibilities like storage in our own facilities and abroad, insurances, packing for transport in shipping containers, handyman services, full-service delivery and requirements for customs.

Are you interested in rates regarding an international removal?
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Almost 100 years recognized as “Erkende Verhuizer” by the branch organization

Green Choice VerhuizingVan der Velde Verhuizingen is assisting their customers already for almost 100 years with their moving requests. We assist people who are moving privately, companies, care organisations like hospitals. Every moving request is unique and will be handled with the highest care.
Also, an international removal will be handled with the same level of attention.
Van der Velde Verhuizingen is looking forward to assist you!

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